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Build a Business, Not an Exit Strategy

This post was originally a talk I gave at PulsoConf in Bogota in September 2012. Reprinted here for my readers. How many people reading this have a startup? How many people reading this are trying to raise capital for that startup? Let me just lay out the odds for you. Only 1% of all companies […]

Tech & Fashion: Really? Can’t We All Just Fucking Get Along?

This post originally appeared on BetaBeat As you all know by now, the grim reaper has paid ToVieFor a visit. Sad face. I want to talk a little about the root cause of the closure, in the hopes that someone else just starting a new business does not make the same mistake. Also, some broader […]

Building a Fashion Company on the Internet? Please Stop. Just Stop. And Read This.

It seems like every time I read TechCrunch, some new “Fashion 2.0” business just got funded. Investors love these lightweight “new retail” businesses that do not carry inventory or manufacture anything. Many investors find it hard to resist a deal utilizing an old world business model (retail) with none of the old world problems (inventory […]

Want to Build an Internet Company? Go Work in Finance.

Ok – so now that I have your attention with that title, it is a bit disingenuous. Obviously, finance / investment banking /¬†private equity / hedge funds are not the ideal place to learn how to build an Internet company. However, I am going to make the case that¬†it is also not the worst training […]

Starting Your First Company? What to Read When You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know

When I first started my company, ToVieFor, I did not know what I did not know. I came from the finance world and I just thought that you: 1. Find an idea 2. Pick a name 3. Incorporate your business 4. Build a website 5. Sell your company for $1 billion… Right. So I put […]