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Elizabeth & Clarke: The New, New Thing

On October 5, 2011, Sara Chipps and I launched our new project: Elizabeth & Clarke. We had a number of reasons for starting the business, the most compelling of which was to solve our own problem. Below, a bit of color on our theses around starting the business, and why we made certain business model […]

Tech & Fashion: Really? Can’t We All Just Fucking Get Along?

This post originally appeared on BetaBeat As you all know by now, the grim reaper has paid ToVieFor a visit. Sad face. I want to talk a little about the root cause of the closure, in the hopes that someone else just starting a new business does not make the same mistake. Also, some broader […]

Building a Fashion Company on the Internet? Please Stop. Just Stop. And Read This.

It seems like every time I read TechCrunch, some new “Fashion 2.0” business just got funded. Investors love these lightweight “new retail” businesses that do not carry inventory or manufacture anything. Many investors find it hard to resist a deal utilizing an old world business model (retail) with none of the old world problems (inventory […]